Remote IT

What is Remote IT?

Remote IT offers partial to fully outsourced IT services such as network management, managed equipment (firewalls, etc.) and monitoring of network servers and desktops. Most, if not all, of these services are performed outside of a company’s internal network. Remote IT provides corporate level IT resources at a fraction of corporate cost.

Why should I use Remote IT?

Cost Effective – Hiring and training an in-house IT specialist is expensive and time consuming. The average yearly salary in the United States for an IT specialist is over $48,000. Remote IT gives the same level of service, or better, at a fraction of the cost. On average, Remote IT can cost up to 75% less than an in-house IT specialist.

Experience & Training – Generally, in-house IT specialists see the same problems over and over leaving them with a limited skill set and limited experience. A Remote IT provider will usually have a much broader skill set because they tackle a variety of different problems daily. This means a Remote IT provider is better trained to deal with emergencies and day to day problems using a variety of creative solutions.

Updates & Upgrades – An in-house IT specialist can not constantly monitor or immediately upgrade all systems 24 hours a day. A Remote IT provider monitors your network 24 hours a day, allowing immediate updates to virus definitions, firewalls, and operating systems for maximum protection and efficiency.  A Remote IT provider is also alerted to signs of equipment failure. Combining the most up to date systems with failure alerts facilitates speedier repairs and less system down time.

Increased Competitiveness – Many companies can not afford the same information technology resources as their larger competitors. Remote IT provides a corporate quality IT department without the corporate cost. Using Remote IT allows your business to better focus on sales and profit instead of diverting already limited time and resources toward IT issues.

Remote IT Services

Network Management

Custom Help Desk Support Service (Trouble Tickets)

On-Site Visits – No less than monthly

Backup and Remote Backup Management

Security Solutions and Management

Anti-Virus Management – If not already present, a paid anti-virus subscription is provided while the desktop is under management.


Performance Management

Printer & Fax Management

Smart Phone Management

Packaged Turn-Key Solutions – Software & Hardware